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Reconcile CashTray Not Available
Last Updated 2 years ago

Follow these below simple steps on each of your POS Systems.

Step 1: Register

  1. Click "Manager Menu"
  2. Scan Manager Key
  3. Click "Administration" (Bottom Left)
  4. Double click "Click here to Close/Restart tSync"
  5. Black Window appears and should go away.
  6. Double Click "Shortcut to tsync.exe"
  7. Tobacco SuperStore Logo should appear and go away within a few seconds.
  8. Click Point of Sale Terminal at bottom of Window
  9. Click "Return to POS"

Step 2: BackOffice

  1. On BackOffice PC, look down by the clock, lower right.
  2. Ensure eSync is running, two yellow hands icon. Hover mouse over and it should pop up text.
  3. Ensure eSync is green. No yellow or Red Background color.
  4. If eSync is not by the clock. Go to Desktop and Double Click on "Shortcut to esync"
  5. if Yellow or red, submit a ticket.

Your CashTrays should show up within 5 minutes, but may take up to 30 minutes.

If after 30 minutes you are still having issues, Submit a Ticket or Call the CorpOffice IT Dept for resolution.

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