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Brother HL2240 Toner Reset
Last Updated 4 years ago

Here we go. Here is how you reset the toner light on your Brother HL 2240:

1. Turn your Brother HL-2240 off

2. Open the front cover of the printer

3. Press and hold Go and turn power on. Do not let the button go.

4. When all 3 lights light up, release the Go button.

5. Press the Go button twice (You will see the Ready light blink
   green every time you press the Go button)

6. All of the lights will light up

7. With all of the lights on, press and release the Go button 5 
   times  (You will see the Ready light blink green every time 
   you press the Go button)

8. The Error light will start blinking 
   (Don't be alarmed. This is expected.)

9. Close door and wait. The printer will cycle through and make
   the sound it makes when you initially cut it on. After that 
   sound stops, your green Ready light will be on and solid.

10. If Linux computer is searching for maintenance mode driver, 
    power off printer, wait 5 seconds and turn it back on.  

11. You are now ready to print.

So there you go! Support the Brother corporation because they make fantastic printers! Go out and purchase a Brother HL-2240 printer - they are great -, BUT keep your hard earned money in your pocket when it comes to refilling your toner. Buy your toner off of eBay and refill the Brother cartridge that came with the printer. You will save yourself a TON of money over the long haul.

UPDATE - 7/3/2013  - BHL2 MAINTENANCE MODE                                                          
If you are having an issue in addition to the Toner reset problem, have mistakenly placed your printer into maintenance mode by pressing the Go button an incorrect number of times or you are encountering another problem, you can try resetting the printer to the factory default settings.

To perform a factory reset on your Brother HL-2240, you can  follow these instructions:

    Check that the front cover of the printer is closed.
    Turn OFF the power switch on the right side of the printer.
    Press and hold the GO button, and keep holding it down, as you turn on the power switch.
    Keep the GO button pressed down until all the LEDs light up and the Ready LED turns off. Release the GO button. Make sure that all the LEDs turn off.
    Press the GO button 10 times. The Ready LED will flash while the printer is reset. After the printer is reset the Ready LED will be lit.
Kila Morton
The toner light on your Brother HL-2240 is on.
You need to reset your Brother HL-2240.

Follow the steps listed above.

Seeing the BHL2 Maintenance Mode message?
Reset your printer using the steps outlined above and THEN follow the instructions to reset your toner cartridge.

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